Friday, December 08, 2023

This page displays a graphical representation of aircraft arrival and departure numbers derived from the current contents of the AMARC Experience database. As the database is being constantly updated the numbers presented may alter over time as movement information is entered and amended. It is worth remembering that while the majority of aircraft arrive at Davis-Monthan AFB for storage following their retirement from active service, a number pass through the facility for depot level maintenance. Only aircraft which have a known arrival or departure date are included in the displayed data, this means that a total picture may not be available for a certain aircraft type.

The graph displayed is interactive and provides you with the ability to zoom in, out and along the available timeline for the selected aircraft type. The timeline is defined by the earliest and most recent arrival and departure dates. You have the ability to export the graphical visualization as an image which can then be downloaded to your computer or other device. If you would like to learn more about the graph's capabilities or how to navigate the graph a user guide is available. To access this guide Please click the online help 'Graph Help' button available below the graphing area.