U.S. Air Force Tail Codes - 2005

Code Aircraft Unit Location and Command
AC F-16C/D 177th Fighter Wing, Atlantic City IAP, NJ. (ANG)
AF TG-10B/C/D, TG-14, TG-15A/B, UV-18, T-41D, C-150, DA-20-C1 306th FTG, U.S. Air Force Academy, CO. (AETC)
AK C-12J, C-130H, F-15C/D/E 3rd Wing, Elmendorf Air Force Base, AK. (PACAF)
AK A/OA-10, F-16C/D 354th FW, Eielson AFB, AK. (PACAF)
AK KC-135R 168th Air Refueling Wing, Eielson AFB, AK. (ANG)
AK C-130H, HC-130N 176th WG, Kulis Air National Guard Base, AK. (ANG)
AL F-16C/D 187th FW, Dannelly Field, AL. (ANG)
AV F-16C/D 31st FW, Aviano Air Base, Italy (USAFE)
AZ F-16A/B/C/D 162nd FW, Tucson IAP, AZ. (ANG)
BB T-38A, RQ-4A, TU-2S, U-2S 9th Reconnaissance Wing, Beale AFB, CA. (ACC)
BC A/OA-10A 110th FW, W.K. Kellogg Airport, MI. (ANG)
BD A/OA-10A, B-52H 917th WG, Barksdale AFB, LA. (AFRC)
CA MC-130P, HH-60G 129th Rescue Wing, Moffett Federal Airfield, CA. (ANG)
CB T-1A, T-37B, T-38C 14th Flying Training Wing, Columbus AFB, MS. (AETC)
CC F-16C/D 27th FW, Cannon AFB, NM. (ACC)
CI C-130E 146th Airlift Wing, Channel Islands ANGS, CA. (ANG)
CO F-16C/D 140th FW, Buckley AFB, CO. (ANG)
CR C-130E/H 302nd AW, Peterson AFB, CO. (AFRC)
CT A/OA-10A 103rd FW, Bradley IAP, CT. (ANG)
D KC-135R 100th ARW, RAF Mildenhall, England (USAFE)
DC F-16C/D 113th WG, Andrews AFB, MD. (ANG)
DE C-130H 166th AW, New Castle County AP, DE. (ANG)
DM A/OA-10 355th WG, Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ. (ACC)
DM EC-130E/H 55th WG, Offutt AFB, NE. (ACC)
DR HH-60G 305th RS, Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ. (AFRC)
DY B-1B 7th Bomb Wing, Dyess AFB, TX. (ACC)
ED Various 412th Test Wing, Edwards AFB, CA. (AFMC)
EF F-16C/D 147th FW, Ellington Field, TX. (ANG)
EG F-15C/D 33rd FW, Eglin AFB, FL. (ACC)
EL B-1B 28th BW, Ellsworth AFB, SD. (ACC)
EN T-37B, T-38A, AT-38B 80th FTW, Sheppard AFB, TX. (AETC)
ET A-10A, F-15A/B/C/D/E, F-16A/B/C/D, UH-1N 46th TW, Eglin AFB, FL. (AFMC)
FC UH-1N 336th Training Group, Fairchild AFB, WA. (AETC)
FE UH-1N 90th Space Wing, F.E. Warren AFB, WY. (AFSPC)
FF F-15C/D 1st FW, Langley AFB, VA. (ACC)
FL C-130E, HC-130P/N, HH-60G 920th Rescue Group, Patrick AFB, FL. (AFRC)
FM F-16C/D 482nd FW, Homestead JARB, FL. (AFRC)
FS F-16C/D 188th FW, Fort Smith Regional Airport, AK. (ANG)
FT A/OA-10 23rd Fighter Group, Pope AFB, NC. (ACC)
FW F-16C/D 122nd FW, Fort Wayne IAP, IN. (ANG)
GA E-8C, TE-8A 116th Air Control Wing, Robins AFB, GA. (ANG)
HD QF-4 Detachment 1, 82nd Aerial Targets Squadron, Holloman AFB, NM. (ACC)
HH C-130H, F-15A/B, KC-135R 154th WG, Hickam AFB, HI. (ANG)
HI F-16C/D 419th FW, Hill AFB, UT. (AFRC)
HL F-16C/D 388th FW, Hill AFB, UT. (ACC)
HO F-4E, F-117A, T-38A 49th FW, Holloman AFB, NM. (ACC)
HT AT-38B, C-12J, F-15 46th Test Group, Holloman AFB, NM. (AFMC)
HV UH-1N 30th SW, Vandenberg AFB, CA. (AFSPC)
IA F-16C/D 132d FW, Des Moines IAP, IA.(ANG)
ID A/OA-10, C-130E 124th WG, Boise Air Terminal, ID. (ANG)
IL C-130E 182nd AW, Greater Peoria Airport, IL. (ANG)
IS HH-60G 85th Group, Naval Air Station Keflavik, Iceland (USAFE)
JZ F-15A/B 159th FW, NAS JRB, New Orleans, LA. (ANG)
KC A/OA-10A 442nd FW, Whiteman AFB, MO. (AFRC)
KS C-21A 45th Airlift Flight, Keesler AFB, MS. (AETC)
KT C-130E, WC-130H 403rd WG, Keesler AFB, MS. (AFRC)
KY C-130H 123rd AW, Louisville IAP, KY. (ANG)
LA B-52H 2nd BW, Barksdale AFB, LA. (ACC)
LD Various Inter-American Air Forces Academy, Lackland AFB, TX. (AETC)
LF F-16A/B/C/D 56th FW, Luke AFB, AZ. (AETC)
LI HC-130, HH-60G 106th RQW, Francis S. Gabreski Airport, NY. (ANG)
LK C-130 314th AW, Little Rock AFB, AR. (AETC)
LN F-15C/D/E 48th FW, RAF Lakenheath, England (USAFE)
LR F-16C/D 944th FW, Luke AFB, AZ. (AFRC)
MA F-15A/B 102nd FW, Otis ANGB, MA. (ANG)
MA A/OA-10A 104th FW, Barnes Municipal Airport, MA. (ANG)
MD A/OA-10A 175th WG, Warfi eld ANGB, MD. (ANG)
MI C-130E, F-16C/D 127th WG, Selfridge ANGB, MI. (ANG)
MK C-130H 440th AW, General Mitchell ARS, WI. (AFRC)
MM UH-1N 341st SW, Malmstrom AFB, MT. (AFSPC)
MN C-130H 133rd AW, Minneapolis-St. Paul JARS, MN. (ANG)
MN F-16C 148th FW, Duluth IAP, MN. (ANG)
MO F-15C/D/E, F-16C/D 366th FW, Mountain Home AFB, ID (ACC)
MS KC-135R 186th ARW, Key Field, Meridian, MS. (ANG)
MS C-17 172nd AW, Thompson Field, MS. (ANG)
MT B-52H 5th BW, Minot AFB, ND. (ACC)
MT UH-1N 91st SW, Minot AFB, ND. (AFSPC)
MY C-130E, F-16C/D,HC-130P, HH-60G 347th RQW, Moody AFB, GA. (AFSOC)
MY T-6A, T-38C 479th Flying Training Group, Moody AFB, GA. (AETC)
NC C-130H 145th AW, Charlotte IAP, NC. (ANG)
ND F-16A/B 119th FW, Fargo IAP, ND. (ANG)
NJ KC-135E 108th ARW, McGuire AFB, NJ. (ANG)
NM F-16C/D 150th FW, Kirtland AFB, NM. (ANG)
NO A/OA-10A 926th FW, New Orleans ARS, LA. (AFRC)
NV C-130H 152nd AW, Reno-Tahoe IAP, NV. (ANG)
NY F-16C/D 174th FW, Hancock Field, NY. (ANG)
OF OC-135B, RC-135S/U/V/W, TC-135W, WC-135W 55th WG, Offutt AFB, NE. (ACC)
OH F-16C/D 178th FW, Springfi eld-Beckley MAP, OH. (ANG)
OH C-130H 179th AW, Mansfi eld Lahm Airport, OH. (ANG)
OH F-16C/D 180th FW, Toledo Express Airport, OH. (ANG)
OH KC-135 121st ARW, Rickenbacker ANGB, OH. (ANG)
OK C-130H 137th AW, Will Rogers World Airport, OK. (ANG)
OK F-16C/D 138th FW, Tulsa IAP, OK. (ANG)
OK E-3B/C, TC-18E 552nd ACW, Tinker AFB, OK. (ACC)
OS A/OA-10A, C-12J, F-16C/D 51st FW, Osan AB, Korea (PACAF)
OT F-15C/D/E, F-16C/D 53rd WG, 85th Test and Evaluation Squadron, Eglin AFB, FL. (ACC)
OT A-10A, F-15C/D/E, F-16C/D, F/A22, HH-60G 53rd WG, 422nd TES, Nellis AFB, NV. (ACC)
OT F-117 53rd WG, 53rd TEG, Det. 1, Holloman AFB, NM. (ACC)
PA A/OA-10A 111th FW, Willow Grove NAS JRB, PA. (ANG)
PD C-130E, HC-130P, HH-60G 939th RQW, Portland IAP, OR. (AFRC)
PR C-130E 156th AW, Muñiz ANGB, PR. (ANG)
RA T-1A, T-6A, T-37B,T-38C, T-43A 12th FTW, Randolph AFB, TX. (AETC)
RI C-130E/J-30 143rd AW, Quonset ANGB, RI. (ANG)
RS C-9, C-20, C-21,C-37, C-130E 86th AW, Ramstein AB, Germany (USAFE)
SA F-16C/D 149th FW, Lackland AFB, TX. (ANG)
SC F-16C/D 169th FW, McEntire ANGB, SC. (ANG)
SD F-16C/D 114th FW, Joe Foss Field, SD. (ANG)
SI F-16C/D 183rd FW, Capital MAP, IL. (ANG)
SJ F-15E 4th FW, Seymour Johnson AFB, NC. (ACC)
SL F-15A/B 131st FW, Lambert-St. Louis IAP, MO. (ANG)
SP A/OA-10, F-16C/D 52nd FW, Spangdahlem AB, Germany (USAFE)
SW F-16C/D 20th FW, Shaw AFB, SC. (ACC)
TD QF-4 53rd Weapons Evaluations Group, Tyndall AFB, FL. (ACC)
TH F-16C/D 181st FW, Hulman Regional Airport, IN. (ANG)
TX F-16C/D 301 FW, Carswell ARS, TX. (AFRC)
TX C-130H 135th AW, Fort Worth NAS JRB, Carswell Field, TX. (ANG)
TY F-15C/D, FA-22 325th FW, Tyndall AFB, FA. (AETC)
VA F-16C/D 192nd FW, Richmond IAP, VA. (ANG)
VN T-1A, T-37B, T-38C 71st FTW, Vance AFB, OK. (AETC)
VT F-16C/D 158th FW, Burlington IAP, VT. (ANG)
WA A-10A, F-15C/D/E, F-16C/D, HH-60G, MQ-1, RQ-1 57th WG, Nellis AFB, NV. (ACC)
WE E-9A 53rd WEG, Tyndall AFB, FL. (ACC)
WG C-130E 913th AW, Willow Grove ARS, PA. (AFRC)
WI F-16C/D 115th FW, Truax Field, WI. (ANG)
WM B-2A, T-38A 509th BW, Whiteman AFB, MO. (ACC)
WP F-16C/D 8th FW, Kunsan AB, Korea (PACAF)
WV C-130H 167th AW, Eastern West Virginia AP/Shepherd Field, WV. (ANG)
WW F-16C/D 35th FW, Misawa AB, Japan (PACAF)
WY C-130H 153rd AW, Cheyenne MAP, WY. (ANG)
XL T-1A, T-6A, T-38A/C 47th FTW, Laughlin AFB, TX. (AETC)
XP C-130H, UH-1N 139th AW, Rosecrans Memorial Airport, MO. (ANG)
YJ C-21A, C-130E 374th AW, Yokota AB, Japan (PACAF)
ZZ E-3B, F-15C/D, HH-60G, KC-135R 18th WG, Kadena AB, Japan (PACAF)


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