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Several Process-out methods exist and the one used for a particular instance will depend on the final disposition of the aircraft.

AMARG Process Out_1
AMARG Process Out_2
AMARG Process Out_3
AMARG Process Out_4

If an aircraft is no longer suitable for reclamation or for regeneration it will be offered for sale to the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office (DRMO) by it's controling service. DRMO will then organise it's sale for scrap metal or for the sale of any recoverable parts that still exist in the aircraft. Regular auctions are held for these aircraft and the vast majority are purchased by local authorised agents and scrapped.

Before any aircraft are transferred to the DRMO they must be prepared for disposal by the controlling service. This preparation is carried out by AMARG and includes the removal of any hazardous materials, the demilitarization of the aircraft and the collection of all documents associated with the aircraft. Any revenue from the sale of aircraft are returned to the U.S Treasury.