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#2 Jeff Frey  2007-02-15 00:00
Great aircraft! "Peggy Sue" as she was refered to as during some of her time in VPU-2. Spent many hours turning wrenches as well as in flight on her. She flew 5 degrees to the left with everything straight and level. The Airframes shop spent many hours rigging and re-rigging flight controls. At one point we had every flight control on the aircraft, dead on, for the throws. IE if the throw was 15 inches +/- 2. It was dead on 15. But still flew 5 degrees off. Suspected a warped airframe. Couple things that also lean toward the warpped airframe threory are: The flight station escape hatch, leaked water unless the aircraft was pressurized. Don't know how many times we re-rigged the hatch, and/or changed it. None of the APU access panels fit quite right. She still was a great airplane. If you flew her everyday, which we pretty much did, she was awesome. Park her for a couple of days, and the wings damn near fell off. Was able to be on her when we crossed her 20,000 flight hour. :)
#1 Duke Williams  2006-05-20 00:00
This aircraft was attached to Patrol Squadron Four during the 70s and early 80s. The squadron was based at NAS Barbers Point Hawaii.

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