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Do you have any interesting details or stories of this particular aircraft or aircraft type? Did you fly or maintain it during its active service? We are trying to build a database of information on all the aircraft that have passed through AMARC to provide our visitors with another perspective of these fine aircraft. If you can help please fill the boxes below with your details and any information you can provide us with.




#3 Jeff Rounsavall   2010-12-14 00:00
Hey James, I crewed 66-0357 mulitiple 12 hour plus shifts over a 6 year span dealing with those cold nights along with you at times A Flight totally rocked 20 TFTS Those Cold Santa Ana winds would not stop blowing turning +20 degree nights into -20 degree nightmares. I was the DCC on 75-0629 German owned F-4E then I left for Osan Korea, Then McClellan AFB Depot level ABDR .then retiring out of Davis Monthan AFB and seeing alot of F-4E from George AFB.
#2 charles thompson   2010-08-08 00:00
crew chief 83-86
#1 James Altizer  2008-10-16 00:00
I was crew chief of this beautiful acft from 1986-1989 at George AFB CA 20th tts 35th tfw

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