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What was the Military Assistance Program?

Following World War II relations between the Soviet Union and the USA deteriated quickly. The Soviet ambitions of spreading communism throughout the world were vehemently opposed by the US and its allies and as a result the Cold War began. On October 6, 1949 President Harry S. Truman signed the Mutual Defense Assistance Act, of which the Mutual Assistance Program was part, which permitted the release of military resources to foreign powers who met the specific conditions prescribed by law. Unlike the Lend-Lease agreement used during the war there would be no requirement for any re-payment by the country receiving the aid, instead the military assistance provided would only be used to support the aims and anti-communism policies of the US Government.

In time the Mutual Assistance Program would became known as the Military Assistance Program.

SInce 1949 many aircraft, along with newly manufactured aircraft and aircraft drawn from US operational status, have been regenerated from the storage facility at Tucson for inclusion in the program.


MAP Statistics

The MAP pages linked to on this page provide summaries of the countries who have received military aircraft under the program and detail when they were supplied. Where aircraft have been drawn from storage and can be identified as such the number will underlined and provide a link to our database where more information about them can be viewed. Where aircraft can be identified as being supplied from active or newly manufacturered sources they may be marked as such.

Military Assistance Grant Aid Program aircraft deliveries by recipient country, by mission, design, and series of aircraft, worldwide. - By quarter.

1951 to 1952